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Ruth said:
Saturday, 30 Nov 2013
Thanks for information on teenagers i would like to learn more.[
Jean said:
Thursday, 18 Oct 2012
I have found your website to be a wealth of information and would like to thank you so much. This is really beneficial to me working with teenagers and as a parent of teens.
Queen said:
Friday, 24 Aug 2012
Oh my!!! I really like this site!! I'd love to share my opinion with teens!!!!:-)
Adedoyin said:
Thursday, 23 Feb 2012
Would like to receives newsletter on teens issue' thank you
Natalie said:
Saturday, 28 May 2011
I really like this website, because it can help me to deal with my study and also in my real life, let me try some solution from this. wait and see!!! if there are any change of my parent, I will inform you later,
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 7 May 2011
Very useful information resource.
Babylove55 said:
Thursday, 21 Apr 2011
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Ayoade said:
Sunday, 13 Feb 2011
I tnink you are doing a great job
Charity said:
Thursday, 10 Feb 2011
This site has really helped me also has shown me things I never knew, am really pleased with what I saw and I understand it.
Fayrouz said:
Thursday, 23 Dec 2010
Cooooool site! I really like it =)
Matthew said:
Saturday, 27 Nov 2010
This website proved extremely helpful in getting who I feel I belong with to fall in love with me. many thanks.
Lucy said:
Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010
This page is really helpful :)its got all the info I need thank you:D
Noel said:
Thursday, 3 Jun 2010
Very interesting site as we are planning to facilitate a number of groups looking at the current issues facing teens.
Charlotte said:
Thursday, 3 Jun 2010
Great site with lots of different problem areas covered. Certainly helped me - Thanks.
Wasma said:
Thursday, 20 May 2010
This site seems like a great help. would love to receive free monthly newsletters .
Isla said:
Sunday, 16 May 2010
This site is great - gives you great information that's accurate and straight to the point. I'm getting dental braces tomorrow and the page on that helped me overcome my worries. Great job!
Jessica said:
Monday, 12 Apr 2010
I think this web page will help me alot. Its has all the info I want to kno about and none of the pointless junk to dig threw to get there. the tips are great and the info is solid.
Dan said:
Wednesday, 3 Feb 2010
Great Site - ITS Really Helpfull! THANKS Dann, : ) :)
Georgiana said:
Sunday, 31 Jan 2010
I really like this website
Connie said:
Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010
I didnt have anyone to help me when I had a problem so I think it is really good that people can come to this site thank you
Meghan said:
Saturday, 26 Dec 2009
I love your website truly and wonderfully helpfull to the teen years.
Carol said:
Thursday, 3 Dec 2009
I work for youth offending and deliver lessons on crime, drugs alchole etc I found your site ery useful
Laura said:
Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009
This is a very good site, every time i'm feeling down I come to this site and it is absolutly fantastic! I recommend it to all my friends.
Tommy said:
Thursday, 24 Sep 2009
I teach at a vocational college and I'm finding this site useful for putting together tutorials for my tutor groups.
Oyeyemi said:
Monday, 27 Jul 2009
Thanks for creating this kind of great avenue
Amit said:
Thursday, 30 Apr 2009
The site is very useful ... I really got knowledged...
Karl said:
Monday, 6 Apr 2009
I have some soul searching to do I think your web page really helps me get over my issues. Thank you
Dara said:
Sunday, 5 Apr 2009
Hiya, if it was possible would you be able to put the following articles up? if you can, thanks - what to do if you fall out with your friends - what to do if your friends change (e.g. different interests etc.) i really hope you will be able to, thanks :)
Emma said:
Saturday, 4 Apr 2009
Hiyaa this website is really helpful I got told bout this in skwl nd it is really helpful lol
Link said:
Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009
I love this site. Although I'm over the age of a teenager, I find it interesting to look up information here
Anna said:
Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009
You are the most useful site
Sabbir Hossain said:
Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009
Great site. I liked it very very very much.
Kate said:
Saturday, 3 Jan 2009
Excellent web site for me to use with my daughter regarding issues she may have
Sasha said:
Monday, 29 Dec 2008
This is like the best guide to life a teen can have! Like things I was clueless about I accualy understand now. Thanks!
Kevin said:
Friday, 26 Dec 2008
TeenIssues is an excellent site. It's like a third parent to me- making the teen years easier!
Precious Jewell said:
Saturday, 6 Dec 2008
Tasha said:
Saturday, 22 Nov 2008
I'm going through a really rough time right now and this site is really useful to me.
Bethany said:
Monday, 17 Nov 2008
Hi, im called Bethany Clark and me and some of my friends Kirby Harris And Chelsea Philips from St.Lukes Science and Sports collage. we are working on a project about teenage pregnancies . could you give us some information on it, thanks.
Nandkishore said:
Friday, 14 Nov 2008
Hi my name is nandkishore how can I improve my personality and my face colour pzl tell me.? thank you
Virginia said:
Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008
This is a really interesting site ! and the subject is so important and necessary for every girl and even woman, I wish all the best for your site and I wish you'll always help young teens to be the girl that they want
Fatima said:
Wednesday, 8 Oct 2008
I think its great to persude teens to stop this teen issues
Tomás said:
Sunday, 7 Sep 2008
I'm an English Language teacher in Spain, I use material from this web with my students not only to teach English but also to provide interesting information for them.
Dominic said:
Monday, 18 Aug 2008
I will be greatfull if you will help me in a resaerch work I am on concerning the teens. If you will also help show me how to present powerful Articles and speeches on the need to reach the teens with a helping hand towards making the world a better place.
Katie said:
Saturday, 16 Aug 2008
Thanks for this website it helps me to understand tha I am not the only teenager with problems and that I can overcome them.
Dominic said:
Friday, 25 Jul 2008
This website has really helped me thankyou very much dominic booth.
Mohima said:
Thursday, 29 May 2008
I think this website is really helpfull and east to get information
Salman said:
Thursday, 27 Mar 2008
This is my first time to contact you. please be cooperative with me. thanks
KImberly said:
Monday, 10 Mar 2008
Thanks for all of your info about teens it's always helpful
Matthew said:
Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008
Thank-YOU your deatailed article about dental braces was very re-assuring and interesting.
NAJWA said:
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008
Jitin said:
Saturday, 5 Jan 2008
This is a great site
Roxanne said:
Saturday, 3 Nov 2007
Great , it wonderful!
Callum said:
Sunday, 7 Oct 2007
I found this very helpful thank you
Lynda said:
Sunday, 23 Sep 2007
Your sight is great. I am a counsellor and often give people your web site.
Deja said:
Monday, 27 Aug 2007
I am a radio personality in Norfolk, Va. I have a teen talk show called Deja's View. This website is awsome for teens. Thank you!!
Anna said:
Thursday, 16 Aug 2007
Thanks for making teen issues so easy to get on line.
Abs said:
Sunday, 3 Jun 2007
Fantastic site love it